Zinnydori Unicorn Personal Size - Free Ship


✮✮✮ DETAILS ✮✮✮

These are named as zinnydori unicorn with our exclusive stamp "Simple Heart" & our logo at spiral closure (except for summer sonata, Holiday Gold & Flamingo Pink).
They (cover and inner lining) are made from PU Leather (No cows harmed in the process).
These zinnydori unicorn has: 
- 4 elastics 
- Spiral closure 
- 3 pockets in the front 
- 1 big pocket on the back 
- Slightly wider than the standard, allowing for 4-5 inserts without overhang.
These come without inserts. 
If you would like to purchase inserts, kindly check our store for them.
Personal size: 
16.5cm x 25cm (Spread Open) 
16.5cm x 12.5cm (when closed)
If you want a charm zinnydori, you may choose one from the listing in our shop.
Do not hesitate to get them! Once the colors are sold out - they will then be discontinued xo