Grab bags | July ToO SWEET!

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This is simple heart grab bags for all fauxdori/midori/zinnydori!

This will be send out on 1st of July.

July grab bags includes :
1 x dashboard ice cream theme handmade by me (random background)
1 x black glitter gem pen
2 x bow paper clips handmade by me (random design)
1 x heart sticker
1 x cupcakes sticker
2 x macaroon sticky notes chocolate & Vanilla
2 x macaroon eraser (random color)
1 x 10 meter washi tape (either the green/red)
1 x desserts sticker flakes (35 pieces)
2 x notepad (20 pieces with two design)
1 x Woden stamp (random design)
2 x envelope with heart design

There are two options for the dashboard: Regular size/personal size.

Other accessories would be the same.

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Additional items add on $6.50 Flat rate shipping.