Sticky Pocket | Adhesive Transparent Set


These adhesive pockets are in a set of 14 pieces (includes stickers):
1 x Zipper Pouch
1 x Rectangle pockets M Size (8.7cm x 11.5cm)
3 x Rectangle pockets S Size (9.7cm x 6.2cm)
2 x rounder pockets S size (8cm x 11.5cm)
1 x Rounder pockets L size (14cm x 17cm)
1 x Multi pockets S size (14cm x 9cm)
1 x Multi Pockets L size (18cm x 10.3cm)
6 x Label set S Size (5.7cm x 3.2cm)

Includes some cute stickers, please refer to the photo. These can be use it on your planners to add on as your extra pockets.